Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – It was DAMN good!!

Thank Kenny Roger’s Rosters for making my wish come true. It was truely a great chance to be able to watch this at the friction of the cost (movie tickets will be sold at RM12.00 instead of the usual RM10.00 – thats what I heard. I paid a Kenny Roger’s meal with a muffin at around RM13.00 tops for a chance to win 2 premier tickets!)  –

I think I held my breath through out the whole movie. OMG. I was glued to the movie screen from one scene to another.

There were a few parts that were hilarious and some totally ridiculous. I mean when Chow Yuen Fatt said “Welcome to Singapore”. He sounded more like a Hongkie than a Singaporean. Besides, don’t Singaporean speak Mandarin and not Kantonese??? ney yao mo gao chor aa tai lo

But I truly recommend you watch it. Will there be a Pirates of the Caribbean 4? Odds are YES!



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