Funny that when most of us see the word 18sx, we quickly rush to click and see the contents of the blog.

Infact anything that has to with our famous rating from the censorship board will attract people without fail.

Does this show one main factor? That we need sex education to even educate the majority of people in the Malaysian Society? Or are we just curious.

But sex is such a taboo word in our society, especially since it’s a muslim one. Our forefathers have made sure that sex is evil & sex is dirty.

It is not. Islam recognizes the power of sexual need, but the subject is discussed in the Quran and the saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a serious manner, in regard to marital and family life. Parents should familiarize themselves with this body of knowledge.

And it shouldn’t be given when at the age of 18. Islamic sex ed should be taught at home starting at an early age. Before giving education about anatomy and physiology, the belief in the Creator should be well established. As Dostoevsky put it, “Without God, everything is possible,” meaning that the lack of belief or awareness of God gives an OK for wrongdoing.

A father should teach his son and a mother should teach her daughter. In the absence of a willing parent, the next best choice should be a Muslim male teacher (preferably a physician) for boys and a Muslim female teacher (preferably a physician) for a girl at the Islamic Sunday school.

The curriculum should be tailored according to age of the child and classes be held separately. Only pertinent answers to a question should be given. By this I mean that if a five year old asks how he or she got into mommie’s stomach, there is no need to describe the whole act of intercourse. Similarly it is not necessary to tell a fourteen year old how to put on condoms. This might be taught in premarital class just before his or her marriage. A curriculum for sex ed should Include:


a. Sexual growth and development
* Time table for puberty
* Physical changes during puberty
* Need for family life

b. Physiology of reproductive system
* For girls- the organ, menstruation, premenstrual syndrome
* For boys- the organ, the sex drive

c. Conception, development of fetus and birth

d. Sexually transmitted disease (VD/AIDS) (emphasize the Islamic aspect)

e. Mental, emotional and social aspects of puberty

f Social, moral and religious ethics

g. How to avoid peer pressure

SO…don’t assume that sex is always 18sx. Sex in terms of education in the perspective of Islam, should be taught at an early age WHEN the belief in the Creator ALLAH SWT has been well established.

That’s a point to ponder.

source – SEX EDUCATION: AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE (Edited by Shahid Athar , M. D.)


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