Pirates of The Caribbean 3- At World’s End – I WON!

Don’t hate me but you’re looking at one of the winners of the Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Muffin Mania Tresure SMS Trivia weekly prizes.

The bounty? Two special screening tickets to see the MALAYSIAN PREMIER OF..look below…


 Yes don’t hate me. Darling hubby and I will be amongst the first few MALAYSIANS who will get to see this FIRST on Wednesday 23 May 2007.

And it makes a perfect belated birthday present for darling hubby who is a huge JACK SPARROW fan.

Jack Sparrow

(Pirates Banner from movies.yahoo.com)

I guess by now I have a knack for winning contest. I’ve won a few this year and I guess this would be the best for far yet (2nd best was getting the chance to see AKON by MTV at Rumms)


So guys…dont hate me…am just lucky I guess…

P/S BTW Wednesday September 19th 2007 is Talk Like a Pirate Day (more information)


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