Akademi Fantasi 5 – Mila is crowned winner

 Nursyarmilla Jirin is only 19 years old and gifted. She is fondly known in the reality show Akademi Fantasia as Mila

I was actually attracted to her during the 6th concert when someone mentioned to me that to support and help her family financially, Mila sang at hotel lounges.

She reminded me of my friend Atie, who was with the famous live band NRG and also Thunderstorm. Atie also hails from Penang and she too sang to help her parents.

Knowing Atie personally made me realize that not all lounge singers are sluts. With the talent and gift they try to make a decent living like most of us.

Coming back to Mila, I think it was her personal struggles and her determination to make a better life for her family that made her the winner.


She took home RM399,777 worth of prizes in cash and gifts, which included RM20,000, a condominium at A Famosa Resort in Malacca, a Toyota Vios and holiday package to Gold Coast, Australia.

My congratulations to Mila who won with such impact…she is the first female ever to won and she sure has the package to become a winner. May she succeed in her future career in the music industry…and word of advice..what ever you do Mila, it all comes back to your parents – adore them and be thankful for them.

photos are from mstar.online



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2 responses to “Akademi Fantasi 5 – Mila is crowned winner

  1. nagasakisissakura

    mila memg layak di gelar juara cz dia mmpunyai bakat dlam bidang ini…
    tidak sia2 klu die mnang pon…
    malah dia telah memecah tradisi juara dalam af sblum2 ini…

  2. Erm..cayalah org kampung. ni yg cek bangga ni!!!

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