Realities of Reality Shows – Melinda Doolittle vs Aizat AF5



Why am not suprised with last night’s results. It just shows how talented people are butchered by normal ordinary people who might not know heck about what talent is.

Seems that if you dont have the looks, you dont have it in you if to win a singing contest like American Idols & Akademi Fantasia.

Such a waste… 



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3 responses to “Realities of Reality Shows – Melinda Doolittle vs Aizat AF5

  1. navirgozmie

    In my perspective of AI, Top 12 finalist are already the best singer. Well, anyone of them are already a winner. I guess people now are more into packages than unbalance packages like both of these contestant. I do sad too,that M-Doolittle is voted out. Maybe this year American people want young talented singer to win.But i hope not the Beatbox guy.
    About AF,sorry to say… standard.none of them are very convincing to be a star in Malaysia.The AF put alot of gimmicks into the show than singing show.And the Host always talk about vote,vote,vote and vote.
    i think this is the last Af for this year. No AF next year.

  2. janatunaliya

    I can agree more with navirgozmie. Thanks for leaving the comment. YES, with all the hype, I hope too that AF5 will be the last.

  3. louise7

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