Zara Salim Davidson My Senior

I got this from one of my bestest school friend yesterday.


I asked her if she had noticed the news about our dear Zara and that was her reply. Looking at her reply, I was glad I didn’t put my phone number at that website depicting my previous secondary school.I was only in Main Convent from Form 1 to Form 3. I advanced (cheewah!) to the Kedah Science Boarding School (Sekolah Sultan Mohamad Jiwa) after my SRP (or known as PMR now).

~ me dad & HRH Raja Dr. Nazrin ~

Back in 1988 when my mother when to perform her Hajj in Mekah, she had the privillage of meeting HRH Raja Dr. Nazrin Great Aunt who lives in Selekoh, Perak. I think they also have ties with Azean Irdawaty the actress.

HRH Sultan Azlan on his mother’s side are commoners. Therefore am not surprised that he’s marrying Zara, though she is not totally a commoner.

Pretty Pan Asian Face innit? 

Remembering Zara, I did not really know her personally as well but I do remember she looked very very serious (maybe because she was a school prefect). I do remember she was in on of the top classes in the science stream and that she was there during Girl Guide gatherings we had on Ko-K (CoCuriculum activities) on Saturday. She was quite popular as well, along line with Lisa Tham (Alvin Tham Sufian’s sister. Alvin Tham is Amy Mastura’s husband and Mrs Tham Sufian was my mother’s collegue in the primary school she taught)

But its hard not to remember a unique name like hers and certainly not hard to remember a pan asian look in school.

Anyway, best wishes for her and HRH. Like the common Malays like to say “semoga bahagia ke anak cucu

Me? I was just plain Jane. What I love most about Main Convent Ipoh? The two loving bestest of friends I have been able to keep till now.




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3 responses to “Zara Salim Davidson My Senior

  1. janatunaliya

    My husband made a comment when he saw her on the idiot box last night, at the end segment of bulletin utama. He said “nampak kasar ek?” – she looks a bit rough…

  2. zylia zamir

    assalamualaikum fay…

    salam perkenalan…

    u budak convent juga ye.. ya zara was my senior too. i sethn muda dr dia.. u which batch? puan marfo’a is ur mum! i think i remember u laaa…. where r u working / staying now….

  3. hai, saya sue disini, juga bekas student main convent batch 1992(spm), masa tuh Zara seorg perfect yg sgt2 serius, tapi cute la dier that time hehehe, skang dah matang dan sgt anggun pulak tuh…i doakan zara bahagia kekal sehingga ke anak cucu…AMIN…

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