A test of faith


 Photo: Emergency Vehicles

 The price of things being free isn’t always worth it. The price of my free medical expenses took a test of my patience.I am a blood donor. In Malaysia, if you have been a donor for sometime you gain several privileges like free outpatient medical expenses for 4 months.

I had numbing pain in my leg since December and I decided not to waste money on a private hospital.

How people behave during times of illness, hunger, exhaustion, and similar events are clear indications as to whether they do-or do not-possess sound morality. Given this fact, difficult times are very valuable opportunities for people to prove their faith in, devotion to, and trust in our Lord. Allah states that among the conditions for true morality and true goodness is showing correct behavior by being patient in times of trouble and sickness (Surat al-Baqara, 177)

So this was my opportunity to prove my faith indeed…

I arrived early at the Orthopedic Clinic in GH. My appointment was at 10am. I only got to see the doctor at 12 noon. Of course, because I had not taken my breakfast, I would have been very hungry.

But Allah swt placed me next to a lovely sister. She was there with her husband to send her brother. She politely stopped her knitting and told me she has been to the clinic numerous times. It is always crowded and it is always a long wait.

The talk I had with her was fascinating. She gave me useful advice on how to handle marriage life especially money woes. But one piece of advice holds a dear place in my heart and I count as priceless…

“Observe your shalat (prayers). Do them with patience. Do not neglect them. They are the pillars of your faith”

She left half an hour before I went to see the doctor. By the time I had taken my x-ray (I regret and wished that they had only muslim sisters who conducted them. I had to take my hijab off and it was quite embrassing having to ask a muslim brother this)

When come time placing my appointment, I was patiently queing up. There were 3 people ahead of me, and course by this time I was extremely hungry. By Allah swt miracle, the counter next to me was opened and the nurse pointed at me to take down my details for my next visit. I could not help but smile and greeted her “Assalammualaikum…”

And yes..peace be with you sister…I really meant it.

By the time I needed to make my Physiotherapy appointment, the offices where close for lunch hour. This I took as an opportunity to have lunch and perform my Zohor prayers.

The place was new and not once I was failed from meeting a kind sister or brother who showed me the ways around. Peace be with them.

When my husband asked me, how much did it cost us, I told him its cost us nothing. Instead it gave us a road to test my faith and patience.

I have faith that Allah swt will show His mercy in times to come…as He did during that long hours at the clinic. Allahuakhbar..alhamdulillah


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