Soto Ayam

Just looking at this photo is really mouthwatering and makes me crave for a decent Soto Ayam and Bergedil Udang.

It’s a really simple recipe but some people think it’s too much of hassle to do. Basically its divided into 4 parts.

1. The chicken broth –  made using one bird of chicken + bumbu spices

2. Cordiments that accompanies

  • Bergedil Udang (Prawn Potatoes Patties)

  • Kacang Tanah goreng (Fried ground nuts)

  • Taugeh (Bean Sprouts)

  • Bawang goreng (Fried Shallots)


  •  Daun Bawang & Daun Sup (Spring Onions & Coriander)

  • Tang Hoon Goreng (Deep Fried Tang Hoon)

3. The Sambal Kicap (hot Soy Sauce Dip)


I usually use one bird of chicken. Cut into 6 pieces.

To make the bumbu spices, you will need:-

1 inch of fresh ginger
1 inch of fresh tumeric
8 shallots
3 garlic cloves
1 teas spoon of dried coriander
1 teas spoon of dried cumin
Salt and seasoning to taste

I usually pound everything in a motar and pestle until everything is blended together.

This bumbu (grounded spices) will be divided into 3 parts1 part for sauté
1 part for marinating the chicken
1 part to make the bergedil

But for the sauté part, I usually just bruise
1 inch of fresh galangal
3 stalks of lemongrass

Marinate the chicken with the bumbu spices for one hour.

Place about 3 tablespoon of oil in a large pot. Sauté the bumbu for a few minutes. Put in the bruised lemongrass and galangal.

Next put in the marinated chicken and fry until chicken loses its pink color. Put in the water until it covers the chicken and cook under slow heat until chicken is tender.

Once tender, take out the chicken and cool down. You will need to shred and debone.

I usually place back the bones into the broth. It’s a lot tastier if you do this.


Its easier to make nasi impit now coz you can buy them uncooked from the supermarket. Boil the bags for about 1 hour and don’t forget to turn them over once in a while. This will ensure you have a nice soft, pillow like cubed rice.

Allow them to cool down (preferably to cook the nasi impit the night before) before you attempt to cut them into cubes and serve.


Deep fry all the below:-

Shallots are thinly grated
Tang Hoon

Finely chop the cilantro and spring onions.


5 potatoes (peeled, cut into 6 slices and deep fried)
100grams of fresh shrimp meat
Half a cup of corn flour
One egg
White pepper
Oil to fry
Some deep fried shallots, finely sliced cilantro & spring onions
Salt & seasoning to taste
Ground the potatos in the motar. Place aside.
Ground the fresh shrimp meat in the motar. Place aside.

Put the two ingredients in a big salad bowl. Mix together with half a cup of corn flour, some deep fried shallots, finely sliced cilantro & spring onions and salt & seasoning to taste.

Mix until it becomes a nice dough. Make into small pattes.

Using one egg, whip with a fork and add in some white pepper. Dip the pattes into this egg mix and deep fry until brown.


Place the nasi impit into the bowl.
Place in all the garnishing ingredients.
Place in the bergedil udang
Place the shredded chicken meat

Pour in the gravy. You may serve with hot soy sauce dip if you like that extra kick.

Hungry yet? I am just by writting this!!!






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One response to “Soto Ayam

  1. Ireen

    Wahh… Since we still hv a lot of daging remainder fr Raya Kurban, so my family hv been making soto for the last 2 Sundays, but of soto daging of course… But, if i teringin nk buat soto ayam, i will definately refer to this recipe… YUMMYYY!!!

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