Cheap Pasta

Since darling hubby is not back from BSB Brunei yet, I decided to go “frozen food frenzy” yesterday. There were some left over spaghetti from last week’s Spagetti Bandung Muar in which I have yet to blog about.

I got the inspiration when I was watching Making Lunch on channel 77 Discovery Home & Health. This is a fairly simple recipe for all Spagetti Bolognese lovers. Its Cheap too! The plus mark for this is that if you’re single or if you’re the only one in the family who is crazy over Spags (that’s what I call them for short), then you can make a whole big bunch, keep them in the freezer and pack them for lunch to bring to the office or for a quite dinner when you’re too tired to cook anything else – provided you have a microwave at home or at the office. Economical eh, rather that buying a RM8.00 one that taste like sh*t sometimes.

Now you will need Prego Pasta Sauce (the huge jar one that cost about RM11.99 at GIANT – I think TESCO is cheaper..dunno..darling hubby not around to chaufer me there he he he)

Mince meat of course. I bought Ramli Mince Beef (Daging Cincang Ramli) RM3.39 at GIANT (boleh la kan…) Put some olive oil in the pan, add some chopped garlic and throw in the Mince Beef (make sure defrost first).

This is called browing the meat.

Then I chopped some big onions and added that in some Italian Herbs.

Cool this down and put in an airtight container. It is ready to be used. You can also keep this is the freezer.When come time for you to eat, just scoop some Prego Pasta sauce, add the browned meat and reheat. Then add it to your boiled pasta. My husband buys the spaghetti from TESCO coz its cheaper. I think its about RM2.00.

I also love to add Grozette – FORMAGGIO da Pasta (Parmesan in a sachet). Its so cheap, RM2.79. Usually I get it at GIANT.

I think this should make about 6 servings if you are a big eater or 7 if small. So roughly it would cost you about RM5.00 per plate. Cool eh?


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