Bahrain or Dubai

Amazingly I havent gotten SQ’s bad nerves today, our SC from Australia. Before EOD yesterdayI did send a mail asking if the details were correctly of those to the one that was in the system. Hah! true enough she sent a very very very very EXTRA nice email today to me confirming it was. Must be the gloriousnous of holy Friday. What a nice day to start work. Still waiting for SC our SC from India with new of the two new ppl but turn out there was nothing in my inbox. I hope she’s email soon. I hate to do last minute work since I wanna go back at 2000 hours sharp for Ayang’s birthday.

Ayang has been contemplating about working in Dubai and Bahrain. But then again his big brother Duan says its not worth it since they really wring you like a sponge when you work for this Pak Arab companies. Its been a few months now and we have been looking through options in the papers and also at useful sites such as

I am however excited that it wont be long till we decided to move somewhere else if Ayang takes that huge step in his career.

Its not that I don’t love working for this company rite now but if my husband has to move, I would have to follow. So far this the best in store and it’s a plus mark being able to work with people from all over the world (my boss is in Ohio, the collegue in the cubicle next to me is from Korea (shout out to Jas!) I work with people from all walks of life in the Asia Pacific and I get the weekend off)

But I had dream last night that I was somewhere else with Ayang. NZ perharps?


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