A Special Dedication


Am dedicating today’s page to two special people who are dear and close to my heart.

First is my MIL, Mama Siti.
This is an advance mother’s day dedication…

Thank you for giving birth today 28 years ago to a very special man.Your wisdom and strenght has made him the man he is now, confident through all hardships, someone who is kind and loves his family very much. Thank you for making him a ‘good daddy’ to Aliya Maisarah who adores him senseless. For also making him a man who loves you and your family and to my family. He is a good son, son in law and a good brother & brother in law to his siblings.

Mama, you have made him great as this.

Thank you for providing him in times when he was struggling through his studies in Jasin and UTM Skudai. Thank you for telling him the future will be bright for him and that he will be someone successful. He is an expert in his own field and he brings his boss and company great pride and wealth.

Thank you for teaching him all the good values mankind can ever posses. For making him a good husband, partner and best friend. Thank you for teaching him kindless and the greatness of love. For making him a man who is true to his wife and makes sure she deserves the best.

For this, I am grateful and pray that Allah swt will provide you with all his grace and love and keep you from harm’s way, bring you good health and prosperity.

Secondly, my darling husband Izardy.
Happy 28th Birthday.

You are my light house and I was a lost ship when you found me. Today is a great day for you, it is the day you were born to this world. It is a great day to celebrate.

Words cannot express how much I love you for loving and for accepting me as I am, the good and the bad. Allah swt couldn’t have given me a better man and though many have filled my life, my heart only belongs to you till my last breath and I wish for you that I will met at the gates of heaven.

I wish I could fill your day today with all your dreams that you wish will come through but I am only a helpless human being and I do not possess the power to give you all the things you want in this world. However I have not stop praying to Allah swt that he may grant you all your wishes and dreams.

Happy Birthday AYANG…



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