Ouch my back!

I feel a lot better today. The meds Doc Zanariah gave from the clinic was much better. She did ask why I haven’t seen a spine specialist yet. I said I did go to the Ortopedic clinic of GH but they can only book me for an appointment on May 10, 2007. I know it sucks and my body is just adjusting till I see a proper spine doctor.
We then went to see Doc Lee in Kepong because I think he owns the only clinic that has a EMS machine. In simple terms an electronic machine is used to stimulate the muscles. In more complicated terms it is a low voltage waveform, applied through conductive pads, placed at strategic points on the body, to stimulate muscle motor nerves.

Normally when we exercise the brain sends signals via the spinal cord to nerve sensors which cause our muscles to expand and contract. As we continue to exercise lactic acid builds up in and around the muscle and we start to tire.

An EMS machine works by applying a controlled signal to stimulate the same nerve sensors, causing the muscle to expand and contract. The increased blood flow to the muscles helps deliver the essential nutrients for recovery, speeding up the rehabilitation process. The work relaxation cycle of an EMS machine also facilitates the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, allowing them to relax quicker.

Frankly I feel a lot relax when I came back. I sleep better (having been able to get a 10 hour sleep is a miracle last night) and woke up more vibrant and happier.


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