When it doesnt stop rainning..

The weather’s been crazy these pass few months with some days blistering hot and others raining cats and dogs.
Got home all sweaty and tired. As much as its economical to take the Monorail & Rapid Land Transit Rail System (LRT) to and fro, there can be days where I wished there was a car waiting outside my office and drove me back home. Oh ya..I forgot.. that would be my husband *grin*But darling hubby was in Pahang for one night and out of all the nights I need him, tonight was the night I needed him most *shrugs*

However I took a moment to ponder on what my TL said today in office. As much as it comforting to have some send to and take you home from work, its much more economical to take the Monorail and the LRT. I couldn’t agree with her more.

After a long shower and dinner (4 slices of 12 grain bread with Cheese, toasted lightly) & orange/carrot/cucumber juice (which I juiced the morning before I went to work), I decided to do a couple of back stretches in between watching The Amazing Race All Stars, to see if it might help. I held them for a pain staking 15 seconds and did about 10. I noticed a slight relief 10 minutes after (when CSI NY came on).

Sometimes I think its the cold wind in the air when it rains that causes my muscle to inflame. I remember my mom complaining on the aches she feels after doing the dishes. She has arthritis on her right arm so we often did the dishes at night for her. So I’ve decided to snug up to my big cotton quilt tonight (dragging it to the hallway then to the living room coz I hate to sleep alone when my hubby’s not around).

Taking another sip of my favorite juice, I can’t help to remember, when my family back in Johor was struck with the flash flood. Though they weren’t hit hard, every single day and night I feared for how they would survive the ordeal. Mom was telling me how it rained non-stop that you couldn’t see the sky. At times, I too wanted to cry when I heard her trying to hold back the tears when she told me of how the water had destroyed everything she had nurtured in her garden.

Now whenever I’m in pain, because I think my ligaments or muscles are inflamed…I think about how my mom would feel during those days when she had the arthritis and when the rain didn’t stop. I can’t help to think how my dad’s back might have ache when he piggy backed my daughter to school in the flood waters.

Then my mind wonders to those family who wear hit hard by the floods…will they ever recover.

Then I remembered what my husband said, that Allah swt test those who consider themselves as believers….that we may become patient…that we may become better believers.


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