Cream Caramel Pudding

Every now and then I have this sweet tooth addiction that whatever I do I cant shake it off. Eddy (husband) knows better that I will toss and turn until I get it out of my system. Lucky for me, mom has equipped me with all the skills needed to make a decent desert that will soothe my sweet tooth down. So when Eddy went to Tesco to grab a few groceries so that I wont go hungry when he goes to Pahang, I ordered some fresh milk and oranges to make Caramel Pudding. 

Caramel Pudding isn’t that hard to make when you come to think of it. All you need is just the right amount of eggs. Below is the recipe if anyone is interested in trying.


Cream Caramel Pudding 

To make the caramel :

1 cup of granulated fine sugar 

To make the cream :

1 litre of milk

12 egg yolks (separated from the white)

A pinch of salt

A table spoon of granulated fine sugar

A dash (1 tea spoon) of Vanilla Essence Orange peels (finely chopped) 

Instructions:  To make the caramel you have to heat the sugar in a pot (do not add any water or oil or what so ever, just the sugar). Place it over low heat until brown and slowly add hot water (half a cup, until sugar is dissolve but not too watery). Place it aside.  Warm up the milk. Make sure its not too hot. Put in a pinch of salt and 4 table spoon of granulated fine sugar. Make sure sugar dissolve. Place it aside. Beat 12 egg yolks until smooth and put in a dash (1 tea spoon) of Vanilla Essence. Mix your egg yolks with the milk.   Place the caramel at the bottom of your bowls for steaming. Then place the mixture of the milk and egg yolks slowly.  Place you bowls in the steamer and steam until firm. You may garnish with orange peels if you wish and eat it with sliced canned peach.



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4 responses to “Cream Caramel Pudding

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  2. jes

    may i know, how many servings can we make from the above recipe?

  3. janatunaliya

    4 to 6

  4. Helen

    Hi Mum, how long should I steam the pudding ? Thanks

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