Aliya-my silent but bright bilinguist

Aliya is quite like her dad. She’s bright, I know but she doesn’t show it off. She’s technical because she just prefers trains, buses and trucks over dolls. Sometimes she suprises me; like talking Malay most of her 24-7 and suddenly out of the blue say “Ok Mom..I’m done. Lets go”  Perfecto. She actually said “MOM”. She sounded so not-malay and so very mat salleh. What happened to my very very the malay-johorian slang daughter? I think she’s the observant type that doesn’t say much…watch, input, learn and make a mental note.  

When I took her to Abby (husband’s cousin) for lunch she said “Is Uncle Abby the Ebi in Akademi Fantasia?” Sorry kiddo, mommy doesn’t watch AF as much as some people would.

 I called my mom and she said her mid-semester exam results came back. She got perfect A (100 marks) for her English and got A for the rest (average of 94), but only scored 74 on her Arabic (Aliya lives with my mother in Johor because we wanted her to continue to a religious school after normal school hours).

So maybe I gotta speak Arabic more then ever now with her…


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