Agonizing 30 mins

…oh the 30 last minutes before I clock out during PM shift is always dragging…almost killing. Today its almost like suicidal self mutilation and strangulation. My ayang (affectionate name I call my hubby) is off with his BB (big boss) to somewhere in between Pahang and Trengganu.
This is the second outstation job he goes to for the whole month and next week he is off to Brunei for 5 days (I wanna follow…why kenot aaa!!)

I’ve been refreshing the pages very hard and hoping that there are no jobs coming in from APAC. Please please please…not in the best of mood today because I think my sciatic pain is giving me a heluv joy ride today (so to speak) that I lost my all strength to do anything.

Ok…22 minutes and counting…WHAT@^..%!#@&*? only 8 minutes have passed since.

Aiyo…how to stand like this…notice that time goes so slow when you wait on it.
Another refresh. Takdak la! Dont have hehehehe. Ok. Let mind wander off on good thoughts..good thoughts…

…eh today whats on ASTRO….hmmm

..when is Grey Anatomy on eh…

…oh Hanie liked the MP3 collection…cool…

…must get Cicakman VCD next month…
Another refresh. I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.42…another offer came in…I HATE MONDAYS!!!


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