Cooking 2 Your Husband’s Heart

When I was 7 years old my mother told me this:

“Orang perempuan kalau ijazah tinggi menggunung pun akhirnya duduk ceruk dapur jugak”

Translated : Even how high your qualifications are, you’ll still end up in the kitchen.
Sounds harsh. I think the equivalence to this is, a way through to your man’s heart is through his stomach.

I guess some of my friends beg to differ. Some MAN are just different. But I know my MAN loves to eat. The only problem is that I am from a different state and he is from a different state.

I come from a state full of clear soups and noodles and lots and lots of soy sauce. I think we have soy sauce with everything…even with crushed garlic and Capsicum frutescens chillies (also know as african birdseye peri-peri or malagueta) mixed into a sauce (sambal kicap) as a dip with fried banana fritters.

Sambal Kicap (Hot Soy Sauce Dip) 

 2 cloves of Garlic 
african birdseye peri-peri or malagueta cillies
Salted Soy Sauce 
2 tablespoon of sugar 


Pound garlic, sugar and cillies in a motar until fine. 
Pour in Salted Soy Sauce and mix well. 
Place in a air-tight jar until to be served.

Sambal Kicap also makes a great dip for Tempe Fritters and Fried Fish. Compliments SOTO NASI IMPIT as well.

Banana Fritters

Traditional Mortar

We have semur ayam for Hari Raya and don’t really favor rendang ayam. Some people from the other states consider that as weird. Ultimately weird especially when its just plain nature that Rendang is for Hari Raya.


Infact, I can’t imagine Eidul Fitri without semur ayam and ketupat.

Semur Ayam (Chicken cooked in Soy Sauce Gravy)

Ketupat (Rice wrapped with Coconut Leaves)  

Mu husband, Jai is from Penang where people have curries and rice for breakfast called nasi kandar. He just loves curries; fish, mutton, beef and chicken. He drinks curries like soup. He craves for parpu almost every week, having it with roti canai ( also known as roti prata) or with rice.




So I thought I had it all figured out when my mom gave me intensive training in cookery and had become an expert by the age of 15 when my grandmum gave a green light after cooking with the wood stove at her house. That was, after all the smoke in my eyes and the black charcoal stain I had on my face.


You see, old wise malay people use to say, if you don’t know how to cook, you get a husband who can cook. If you are an EXPERT on cooking, you’ll get a husband who not only KNOWS how to cook but loves the food you don’t know how to cook!


Ladies and Gentlemen..thats me.

I guess it was written in the stars they say.


Recently I got a very very very nice birthday present that glimmers on my fingers from my husband *hint hint*


So I decided to “upgrade” culinary abilities and thanked my husband in special way. I read all I could on the art of curries. Took a short course with his cousin Abby (shame on me, his cousin is a HE and he cooks wonderful amazing curries) and decided to test the theories :- a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Certified Curry Master – ABBY

Armed with the appropriate curry powder and the art of mixing the pounded ingredients to a nice paste, then frying the paste in a mixture of margarine and cooking oil, I decided to prepare a DECENT curry for my beloved husband.


The outcome of this:






Hey..I think I went overboard. HE HE HE. Yes I did prepare the sardines curry with potatoes. And then I decided to prepare:


Kangkung goreng belacan (water spinach – Ipomoea aquatica with chillies & shrimp paste)


Egg omelet with chillies, big onions, garlic and tomatoes



Aromatic fried chicken liver (marinated with paste (or bumbu) made from salt, garlic, fresh turmeric roots (kunyit hidup), aniseed (jintan) & coriander seeds(ketumbar)


For desert, sliced Navel oranges

For drinks punch made from mixed lychee syrup with tropical fruit cordial


We had dinner later together with Abby and all beloved darling future husband could say was :


“Waaaa so many stuff to eat…must want something from me aa. The ring not big enough aa dear??”





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