Loving Our Cats

(photos by : iraudzah)

On my way to back to my apartment last week, at the corner of the stairs I saw this little ginger colored kitten with sad big eyes staring at me.

It didn’t meowed. Not even a little meow or purr.

Naturally I said “hello sayang (love)..where’s your mommy?”

It just looked at me. No meow. Not even a little meow or purr. But big sad round gleaming eyes just looking at me without a blink.

This really broke my heart. It  looked scared and lost. Being a big cat lover I wish I had means to keep it from all harms way. But my apartment did not allow any pets what so ever. It some way there was regret in my heart that we didn’t live in a house with a front lawn and a backyard instead.

My brother in Subang Jaya doesn’t own a cat but he gives cat food freely everyday. He’s like opening a “soup kitchen” for all the stray cats in SS14 Subang Jaya.

I think the love of cats, were nurtured by genetically by our maternal grandmother, Late Nek Yam. My mom said she just loved cats. She would welcome stray cats into her home.

Wishful thinking today : to own a house with front lawn and backyard, so we can have cats.


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